I love collaborating. I am acknowledging my genius. I am open and tapping into wisdom. I get inspiration often. I enjoy sharing ideas. I feel inspired by the ideas of others. I enjoy learning new things. Energy moves through me with ease. I have great vision. My body computes information easily. I am receptive to change. I accept myself completely. I know my value. I give and receive respect easily. I have permission to excel. I trust my insights. My sacral chakra is fully energized. I am dynamic. I easily touch peoples lives in beneficial ways. I am allowing myself the privilege of collaborating with others in exciting new ways. My mind is calm. I trust God‘s guidance. I see the big picture as well as all the details. I trust the future. I am emotionally balanced. I am aligned with my vision. I have permission to thrive. I am a powerful one. I am motivated to excel. I love being different. Life is amusing. All my senses are sharp. I love all the great insights I have. I stand in my power with ease. I easily release what I don’t need. I feel welcomed and included. I am in Joy. I believe in God’s infinite wisdom. I open myself to others naturally. I expect the best. I am following my heart. I choose to thrive. Yes!

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