Hot pink sunI respond in positive ways. I understand who I am.  I am achieving my goals.  I have permission to have fun.  Energy moves through me with ease.  I accept divine love.  I am a great influence.  My root chakra is well grounded.  My heart chakra is open and free.  I allow myself to connect deeply within.  I am in touch with all my senses.  I choose to be compassionate.  I like how others see me.  My root chakra is aligned.  I am healing.  My heart chakra is fully charged.  I am fully hydrated.  I have drive.  I trust my insight.  I am content with my life.  I like who I am.  I allow myself pleasure.  God keeps me focused.  I am colorful.  I am spiritually aligned.  I allow happiness.  I am warm.  My root chakra is powerful.  I am an amazing human being.  I have all the energy I need.  I have great inner sight.  I have changed my memories.

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