I make right decisions. I am fully present in my body. I always know what is right. I trust my intuition. I feel safe stepping out on what I know. I am embrace freedom. I honor who I am, the real me. I am brave. I have a deep trust that all is going in the right direction. I am in the flow. I choose correct relationships. I allow and welcome God’s guidance. I feel good about the direction I’m going in life. I am managing my life well. I see wisdom and understanding directing my path. I am spiritually aligned. I feel refreshed and renewed. I am enthusiastic. I like what my future holds. I trust I am making the best decisions for me. I trust the future. I have a deep sense of calm. Everything is in right timing. I feel complete. I am allowing the answers to come to me easily. God is keeping me on track. I except my mission in life. I am in touch with my feelings. I am in joy. I have permission to except that things are perfect. All my needs are taken care of. I trust my inner knowing. I feel safe with the answers that come to me. I accept that I know what I’m doing. Yes!

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