Yellow Sun

I present myself truthfully. I see myself as truthful. I am full of integrity. I stand in my power with ease. I represent truth. I am in harmony with life. I breathe easily and completely. I am aware of great truths. I am satisfied with my life. I speak the truth in love. I choose to respond in positive ways. I am healing. I am creative. I am balanced and centered. I am spiritually aligned. I am receptive to change. I choose to be calm. I easily release what I don’t need. I am tuned in. I easily quiet the storms. I allow myself pleasure and fun. I am motivated to be my best. I am in touch with my senses. I trust what I know. I welcome and attract integrity. I feel heard. I have great understanding. I easily gather information with my spiritual senses. My heart is at peace. I am allowing myself to transform beautifully. I feel good about how my life is unfolding. Yes!

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