Hot pink sunI receive heart felt thanks.  I am compassionate.  I am giving.  I am honoring.  I am respecting.  I make a positive difference in people’s lives.  I am acknowledged for my value.  People thank me for the benefits I provide.  I am grounded and present in my body.  I am receptive to praise.  I am often feeling the appreciation people have for me.  My heart is joyful knowing people see my worth and share their thankfulness with me.  I love contributing to the benefit of my community and feeling their gratitude.  My heart sings when I get to collaborate with others on projects that are mutually beneficial to all involved.  I love the appreciation of being in harmony.  My heart is warm and sharing.  I am in tune with thanksgiving.  People appreciate my efforts in handling challenging projects.  I feel good about the fact that people feel good about me.  YES!


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