Green SunI relax as often as I want to.  I have great insight.  I feel good about who I am.  I allow time to relax many times a day.  It is easy for me to rejuvenate.  I am enjoying my life.  I allow myself pleasure.  I am playful and fun.  I feel grounded and present.  I notice the simple pleasures in life.  I am happy.  I allow myself to feel carefree.  I can relax and be productive at the same time.  I have ample rest.  I recharge with ease.  My body is strong.  My body has the opportunity to repair.  I am at ease with life.  I have a deep sense of peace.  I rest when I need to.  I am mentally calm.  I have a deep sense of trust that all is well.  I feel renewed.  I trust my inner vision.  I am open to new possibilities.  I choose 100% health.  I am enfolded in light.  I relax into a gratitude mindset.  I release what I no longer need.  I am glad that I am me.  Yes!

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