I see clearly. I allow the sunshine to touch my eyes. I am mentally calm. I have great relationships. I am quiet inside. I am seeing new concepts and ideas. My root chakra is well-established. I am content. I release the past with ease and look forward to the future. I am open minded. My body is happy. I choose God‘s guidance. I have released all that I don’t need. I am spiritually aligned and renewed. I have permission to see what is available to me. I am emotionally secure. I do what is best for me. I see unconditional love all around me. I am perfectly attuned to my vision. I see myself reaching my goals and aspirations. I envision myself successful in all ways. I have great insight. I easily visualize what I want to see and create. I am very perceptive. All my senses are sharp. I have great vision. I like how clearly I see things. I have a great view on life. My eyes see what I desire. Life is good. Yes!

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