I see things through clear awareness. I allow myself time to ponder. I see things beyond timelines and densities. Truth matters. I am well-equipped for my future. Things are illuminating. I sit in contemplation daily. I am flexible. I have great wisdom, understanding, and authority. I am fair and kind. I have a compassionate heart. I am worth a lot and people see my worth. I am centered in my being. I am willing to speak my thoughts, when appropriate. I am spiritually aligned. I stand in my power with ease. I am restored whole. I am peaceful inside. In the midst of fear, I stand strong. I have integrity. I am bold. I am a risk taker. I sit with serenity. I am exemplary. I am prosperous. I acknowledge my creativity. I celebrate my inner knowing. I celebrate my high, bright vibration. I appreciate the skills that I have. I am thriving. I feel satisfied. Yes!

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