Red Sun

I am always on time.  I get things done.  I choose to focus on the target.  I plan well.  I am at peace in my environment.  I have all the energy I need.  My body is in great health.  My mind is sharp.  I listen to my inner guidance.  I feel grounded and present.  I get enough rest when I need it.  I feel expansive.  I am creative.  I feel enthusiastic.  I am productive.  I have all the time I need.  I am heart centered.  I have great vision.  Energy moves through me easily.  I move forward with confidence.  I see things through to completion.  I am kind, warm,  and friendly.  I collaborate well with others.  I allow myself time for contemplation.  I am making progress.  I allow myself to be still when I need to.  I am allowing myself the freedom to succeed.  I am fully alive and living life to the fullest.


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