I take excellent care of myself. I am renewing in all ways. I allow energy to flow through me with ease. I am an open channel for divine love and wisdom. I choose to be active. I love spending time outdoors in nature. I eat nourishing food. I am honest with myself. I choose to be around positive uplifting people. I am aware of my surroundings. I welcome fun, playful activities, and friends. I do things that delight me, that make my heart sing. I allow myself quiet time to refresh and renew. I am excited to learn new things and go on adventures to new places. I like being in contemplation and meditation mode. I enjoy exercising my mind and body. I let my creative juices flow. I am in tune with life. I choose positive thoughts. My body, mind, and spirit are happy, healthy, and whole. I have the freedom to be me and that feels good. I welcome each new day. I have a happy heart. I am mentally calm. My body is in harmony with all of life. I am celebrating me. Yes!

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