I’m being seen for who I am, the beautiful, connected, luminous, enlivened being that I am. I’m feeling good about who I am and how I am seen. I feel settled in my body, confident, stable, safe, secure. I know what I want in life and I am willing to go after it. I feel capable. I feel healthy and strong. I am taking a stand on what I know to be true, and that feels good. I am not going to compromise my beliefs. I am allowing myself to relax, to be in the moment and to realize all my needs are met and I am well taken care of. I am aligned with my source and my source connection is strong. I am fully occupying my body. I trust my body to rejuvenate, regenerate, and recharge . I am honest with myself. I am honest with others and I feel good about that. I am allowing my body to feel at ease. I am allowing all the tension in my muscles that does not belong to dissipate effortlessly. My body is fully energized. I have free flow of energy throughout my body. It is easy for my body to repair.  I am calm. I am relaxed. My spirit is renewed. I am loving my life. I am loving my life. Yes!

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