I’m feeling blessed. I am enjoying being me. I am enjoying my friends and family. I am happy I have nourishing food to eat. I am pleased with all that nature provides for me, colors, sounds, textures, vibrations, fragrances, tastes. I have enough quiet contemplation time. I have enough social playful time. I love all the study time I have and the learnings I am acquiring. I feel confident more and more as my wisdom deepens and grows. I am blessed with a healthy body that I am maintaining beautifully. I feel secure and safe in my environment. I like how the right people at the right time show up for me when I need them. I smile realizing that all my needs are always met. Sometimes my heart sings and is soaring to the heavens and other times my heart is introspective. Both are perfect and enjoyable. I love all the simple pleasures in life. I am indeed feeling blessed. Yes!

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