It is safe for me to expand into new opportunities. I trust the path ahead of me. I see new exciting adventures unfolding for me. New ideas are coming into my awareness regularly. I am taking a leap of faith on my intuitive inspirations. I am willing to go to the next level and the next and the next. I am embracing the newness of life welling up in me. I am enjoying my confidence and trust. I am feeling very supported in all my endeavors. I am ready for change and I am trusting everything will work out for the best. I am always at choice even when it does not look that way. I am continuously standing strong in what I know to be true. I feel vital. I am vital. I am accepting the life that I am living. I am satisfied. I am grounded in who I am. I am courageous. It is wonderful living in this day and time. I am enjoying my life. I am thriving. Yes!

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