Red SunJoy is surfacing.  I am allowing my joy to shine through me.  I am allowing joy to bubble up into my experiences.  I am smiling a lot.  I am experiencing more laughter, fun, and play.  I am lightening my load.  I like being happy and care-free.  I am enjoying music and movement and light hearted merriment.  I see things in positive ways.  I am realizing the desires of my heart.  I am feeling love and bliss.  Colors seem to be vibrant and grab my attention.  I am noticing the sounds of nature, the warmth of the sun, and the grounding presence of the earth.  The stars in the sky bring delight.  I am allowing myself to celebrate and be festive, even in the small things.  My energy is ignited and renewed.  More and more, I am enjoying the company of myself and others.  I draw positive situations and people to me.  I am having a positive impact on my environment and my environment is having a positive impact on me.  I like being me.  I like having a good time.  I like that everything is working out for me.  Yes!

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