Hot pink sun

Love is in every part of my being. I am joy. I am love. I am life itself. I am living the life that I love. I am allowing energy to freely flow. All of my cells are activated and fully alive. I am present to the now. I see clearly. I have positive expectations. I am basking in bliss. I am deeply connected to the fullness of who I am. I am warm, loving, and inviting. I attract loving people. I am allowing my heart to be love. I am open to receiving love. My body, mind, and spirit are in harmony with love. I allow God‘s love to envelop me. My aura is lively and joyful. I am happy to be me. I feel inspired. I am inspiring. I am being joy in the world. I like the positive influence that I am. I like being love. My heart overflows with love and joy. Yes!

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