Money abounds. I welcome new opportunities to thrive. I am open to receive the abundance of the universe. I operate on trust. I receive with gladness all the beneficial things I am offered. It is amazing how many lucrative opportunities come my way. I make sound financial decisions. I have multiple streams of income. It sometimes surprises me how often money arrives in my bank account from several sources. I am happy to receive cash. People enjoy paying me for my service. I am worth a lot. I am receptive to large amounts of money. I feel wealthy in all ways. I realize I always have more money than I need. I am acknowledging that all my needs are met. I have more than enough money for the lifestyle I choose. I am lighthearted. I am generous and I am a recipient of the generosity of others. I am very comfortable asking for and receiving money for the value I provide. I attract money into my life with ease and grace. I am grateful for what I have. I see money flowing to me effortlessly. I am comfortable being wealthy and prosperous. I am celebrating my successes, and I am successful. Yes!

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