My body easily generates energy. I gain energy from my environment. I feel at home in my body. I fully occupy my body. I feel safe and at ease in my environment. I easily release energy blocks. Life amuses me. I feel lighthearted. I allow myself to have fun and enjoy myself. I realize the freedom that I have. My body freely communicates with itself. I have great ideas. I am peaceful and calm throughout my day. I feel good about myself. I breathe easily. I have great vision. My heart chakra is fully energized. I am colorful. I am enthusiastic about life. My body is fully functional. I allow myself to be playful. I acknowledge and express my feelings. I am illuminated. I am energized by everything I touch. I always have good choices. My mind is calm. I trust my future. I am kind and I attract kind people. I am ready for what is next in my life. I feel heard and understood. I allow myself to be serene. I am content. My sacral chakra has all the energy it needs. My thoughts are positive. My body is perfectly aligned. I am joyful. I easily release things that annoy me. I am open minded and wise. My energy is protected. I am living in love. I am amused by all the energy I have. Yes!

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