My abundance. I feel brand new. I feel excited for the new. I am open. I am expanding and I am receptive. I am allowing myself to have the life that I want. I feel abundant and I am allowing myself to be abundant. I am stepping into confidence, stability, and trust. I choose to forgive myself and move forward with ease. I am allowing myself opportunities for financial gain. I am allowing myself to know what is correct for me to do with that gain. I am increasing in my income and my wisdom about money. Money floods toward me often in big amounts. I am receptive to money being offered to me. I am learning how to manage it and enjoy it. I am allowing me and money to have a pleasurable relationship. I am allowing myself to excel in all ways. I am receptive to love, to fun, to joy, to playfulness, and to all good things. I have the money to supply me everything I need and want in this life. It’s easy for me to make money. It is easy for me to receive money with gladness. It is easy for me to be generous with everyone and I am receptive to the generosity of others. It feels good. It makes me feel happy, grounded, and present in my body. I realize I am here to have an abundant life. I love how I am receiving with gladness all the good that comes to me. I am radiating out gladness, generosity, kindness, and abundance. Yes!

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