Red Sun My body feels balanced. I allow myself pleasure. I feel grounded and focused and fully present in my body. I welcome each new day. I am in touch with all my senses. I embody all the color I need. My root chakra is very powerful. I am achieving my goals. I am making the life that I desire. My sacral chakra is fully functional. I feel in alignment with my life. My heart welcomes freedom. My liver is happy. My crown chakra is fully connected and open. I am Light. I trust my future. My body’s bio computer is operating smoothly. My sacral chakra is complete. I put my heart into everything I do. I am full of health. I am thankful that my life is rich and full. I feel God’s presence. I feel my creativity. I appreciate the peace that I have. My future is bright. I fully except the life that I have. I am physically restored. My muscles are balanced. I am flexible and relaxed. I feel good about myself. I am courageous. I am content. I allow myself to have what I desire. I freely share my love. I am open minded and accepting. I am aligned with my source. I let go of everything I don’t need. I allowed myself to be who I am. Yes!

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