My body is aligned beautifully.  Energy flows through me easily and effortlessly.  I fully occupy my body. I am strong.  I am fully connected to my source.  I am grounded and present. My inner strength is ignited. My body has great rhythm and movement. I allow myself to soar. I hear my body’s melody. I am in sync with my true self. I allow spiritual wisdom to flow through me. I have a grounding presence. I am calm. I allow myself to be. I am content. My chakras have the freedom to thrive. I am in harmony with all that is. I am in sync with the universe. I feel expansive. I have a deep awareness of my inner being. I am at peace with life. I am radiant. I have a deep understanding of my place on earth. I choose to live in my full potential. My DNA resonates with my source. All is well. Yes!

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