Yellow Sun

My body is fully alive. I’m allowing my body to be active and free. I take good care of myself. I give myself enough time to rest and revitalize. I get deep restful sleep each night. I awake refreshed and renewed and ready for my day. I give myself the opportunity to breathe deeply and completely. I get the perfect amount of body movement to allow free flow of energy throughout my body. I am strong and flexible, youthful, and free. I am fully nourished with life-giving foods, clear thoughts, and contemplation time in nature. I love learning and continue to learn about things that interest me. I enjoy my daily activities. I am scheduling and enjoying fun, laughter, and playfulness with myself and others. I am feeling joy more and more. I am allowing myself to feel deeply my emotions as they move through me, and then out. I am breathing in the newness of life and that is exciting. Yes!

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