My body is fully functional. Energy runs through me with ease. Every cell in my body is fully alive with vibrant energy. My thyroid is happy. I am creative. I am wise. I feel complete. All my needs are met. I easily release what I no longer need. I deeply feel into who I am. My electrical circuitry works well. I am well grounded. I have all that I need to function my best. I am spiritually aligned. I am connected to who I really am. I am certain of my moves. I am in great shape inside and out. My brain is relaxed. Easily flow with life. My thoughts are in sync with my inner being. I am open and expensive. People see my inner glow. I feel in harmony with all of life. I have what it takes to be happy, healthy, and whole. I envision good things for myself. I have a healthy vibe. I attract health to me, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, and relationally. I take great care of myself in all ways. I am absorbing the healing rays of the sun. I feel balanced by the colors and sounds of nature. I am at ease with myself and my environment. My body and soul are fully nourished. I am at peace with myself, and I am at peace with life, and I feel life flowing to me and through me. Yes!

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