Sun-forest-greenMy body is functioning efficiently.  I am colorful.  My body communicates well with itself.  My body works the way God designed it to.  I trust my future.  I am leaving the past behind.  My future is bright.  I easily receive unconditional, divine love.  I am satisfied.  It is easy to release unbeneficial thoughts, feelings, and things. My sacral chakra has all the energy it needs.  I am thriving.  I have enthusiasm for life.  Forgiveness is easy.  I have self control.  My heart is happy.  My subconscious memory is changing for the better.  I am at peace with myself.  I put my heart into everything I do.  I am safe in this world.  I have a renewed interest in life.  I am the authority in my life.  I allow pleasure.  I accept forgiveness.  My sacral chakra is aligned.  I am content with my progress.  I feel aligned with God.  Anger dissipates with ease.  I feel peaceful.

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