I am full of radiant light and energy. I have self-control. My sacral chakra is fully activated. I am happy. My body handles toxins with ease. I am always at choice. My heart chakra is aligned. My body is happy. I am stable, safe and secure. I am supported. I can have the body I want. I have pleasure. I act on my preferences. I can accomplish anything. I am quiet inside. My mind is calm. Dysfunctional patterns are gone. I create balance in my body. I am enjoying life. I am accepting myself. I am allowing perfect balance. I am changing. I am willing to receive the gifts of God. I have spiritual insights. I am optimistic. Transformation is in progress (times infinity). I have all the nutrients I need. I am fully integrated with pure consciousness. External toxins don’t bother me. My imagination is in balance. I receive miracles with ease. My emotions are in balance.

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