Dark green sun

My body rejuvenates beautifully. I am in healing mode. I am playful. I am joyful. I attract kindness. I am keeping my life simple. I am addressing the needs of my body. I am handling life with ease. My sacral chakra has freedom of movement. I give myself permission to move forward in life. I am changing the relationship I have with my body for the better. I am ready for what’s next. I am motivated to heal. My heart is happy. I am open for joy. My skeletal system is strong and vital. I feel good about myself. My neck is calm. I am allowing myself the freedom to live fully. I accept who I am. I trust what I feel. I am adventurous with my healing process. I am taking inspired action. I am receptive to beneficial change. I like the speed that I am going. I allow myself health. I trust my future. My heart is happy. I allow myself to be youthful. I am open for relationships with others. I am content with my life. My sacral chakra is powerful. I appreciate my connections to people. I get new ideas regularly. I am achieving my goals. I am manifesting my desires. Fun and joy are very much a part of my experience. I am an amazing one. I am fit. I am vital. I am fully present and fully alive. I feel brand new. I am open for beautiful rejuvenation. Yes!

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