Sun-dark-blueI choose to feel.  My root chakra is fully established.  I am quiet inside.  I am emotionally calm.  I am enthusiastic.  I am tolerant.  I have released the past.  I am dynamic.  I am always at choice.  I am stable, safe , and secure.  I have permission to be clear.  I am acting on my preferences.  I have permission to be happy.  My root chakra is powerful.  My choices are unlimited.  I know my worth.  I allow joy.  I have permission to be free.  I am a money magnet.  It’s ok to be content.  I feel light.  I am expressing my potential.  I am at peace.  I am happy.  I have unshakable trust.  I allow myself pleasure.  I live in peace.  I savor life.  I have permission to live life with ease.  I have courage.  I am expanding into joy.  I am willing to receive the gifts of the universe.  I am stable, safe and secure.  I know my preferences.  Money comes to me easily.  I put my heart into everything I do.

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