Sun-orchidI am open minded.  I am full of radiant light and energy.  My sacral chakra is potent.  I have the life that I make.  I am at peace.  I know my worth.  I am choosing for my heart to be at peace.  I am supported.  I fully accept my earthly life.  I am thriving.  I know when I am happy.  Miracles happen for me regularly.  I am supported.  I am creating my destiny.  I have permission to have a happy heart.  I am calm and grounded in my daily life.  I am content.  External toxins don’t bother me.  I am light.  I have permission to heal.  I have plenty of opportunities for a peaceful heart.  I feel my Light (times infinity).  All my senses are on.  My genetic code is cleared.  I have great insight.  I am uplifted.  I am happy.  I accept myself completely.  I am in harmony.  I am an open channel for divine love.  I trust my insight. I am genetically calm.  I feel sane.  I notice my senses.  I have drive (times infinity).  I have what I need.  I trust my insight.  My imagination is in balance.  I am risking my heart.  I have permission to heal.  I am one with God.  I have permission to heal.  I am thriving.  I am enthusiastic.

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