Red SunMy heart is happy in every way. I always have my needs met. I feel congruent with life. I feel centered and focused. I choose to live in the present. I am fully engaged in life. I see and feel the benefits of living in happy mode. I am the recipient of generosity. I am willing to feel good. I celebrate each new day. I feel fully alive. I am allowing harmonious currents to run through me. I choose to be happy. I am allowing my heart to connect into the fullness of life. I am full of love and joy. I appreciate the simple things. I choose kindness. I choose laughter and playfulness. I am willing to share my heart. I enjoy serving others. Love flows freely from and to me. I am Light. My life is full of amusement. I am optimistic. I welcome love. I welcome happiness. I attract happy people. I am lighthearted. I am free to be me. I am a radiant being. Good things come to me often. I am dancing to the music of life. I let my heart sing. I am excited about new experiences. I am full of wonder. I allow myself to have fun. I am enjoying my life. Yes!

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