Deep pink sunI am an omnipresent being.  My root chakra is well established.  I feel good about how people see me.  My pineal gland is fully established.  I am amused with life.  I fully accept my life on earth.  I have permission to heal.  My spirit is strong.  I have great insight.  I am happy.  I have drive.  I have self-control.  I trust my future.  My root chakra is fully present and fully energized.  I resonate with joy.  I am glad.  I am a great influence.  My root chakra is aligned.  My sacral chakra is fully energized.  My structure is changing.  I am amused with life.  I am in harmony with life.  I feel deeply into joy.  I am making the life that I want.  I am willing to share my open heart.  I am willing to receive the gifts of the universe.

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