Sun-light-pinkI am loved.  I am omnipresent.  I am achieving my goals.  I am spiritually aligned.  I have permission to heal.  I am decisive.  My body is happy.  My root chakra is well grounded.  I know my priorities.  I have plenty of golden opportunities.  I fully accept my life on earth.  I allow myself freedom.  My root chakra is fully functional.  I am healing.  I am emotionally calm.  I live in joy. I have self-worth.  Energy flows through me with ease.  I am dynamic.  I feel content.  I am receptive.  I have great inner vision.  My teeth are enjoying the food that I eat.  I let myself feel all the emotions.  I am enthusiastic (times 4).  My teeth are happy.  I have permission to love life.  I have transmuted subconscious memory.  I allow delight.  I allow myself to be open to others. I have wisdom and peace.  External toxins are cleared with ease.  I trust the future.  I am happy.

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