My life is unfolding beautifully. I am allowing myself to get deep, restful, rejuvenating sleep every night. I am allowing myself to connect into the heavens and receive wisdom and understanding. I feel good about my growth. I feel good about the expanse that I live in. I feel good about my stance on planet earth and how energy moves through me and how I am being a beacon of light. I am being love and I am allowing love to flow through me and to me. I am feeling grateful and thankful for what I know, and for the people in my life that uplift me and teach me and share wisdom and understanding with me. I am thankful for the people who enjoy my presence in their life. I feel fulfilled. I feel happy. I feel joyful. I feel playful and free. I am kind and considerate and I attract kind and considerate people. I feel good. My body feels good. My mind feels good. I am very happy about my connection to source and all that is. My life is going beautifully. I love taking step after step, after step into what is next. My life is an exciting adventure. I am happy being in and on this adventure. Yes!

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