Sun-goldI am loveable. I have forgiveness. My sacral chakra is fully energized. I am making my life happen. I am colorful. I have permission to relax. I am receptive. I am emotionally calm. I have self-control. I have assurance. I am in harmony. I get new ideas often. It’s easy for me to get back to calm. I have the power to achieve goals. I am expressing my potential. I am exemplary. I feel harmonious with people. My ears are clear. I am enthusiastic. I live optimistically while working on change. I feel heard. I allow myself to be successful (times infinity). I feel discomfort then easily let it go. I am risking my heart. I am open-minded. I open to others naturally. My sacral chakra is fully functional. I reclaim my power now. It’s easy to get out of overwhelm. I am motivated. Dysfunctional patterns are gone. I am mentally cleansed. I have enthusiasm. I am in joy. I trust the future. I have permission to enjoy life.

Bonus from Jeanette for the Community (same subject):

“My muscles release toxic tension with ease.”

My large intestine meridians have free flow. Inner peace is mine. My 2nd thoracic is willing to receive love. I release the habit of bracing myself. Joyfully, with openness, I walk into the future. I am willing to receive Perfect Love. I am my own person. My thinking is objective. I acknowledge I am in control of my thoughts. I choose a lifestyle of forgiveness. My heart meridians pulsate with safety. Everything good is coming to me easily and effortlessly. I accept that I have everything I need to enjoy my here and now (times infinity). Everything good is coming to me and I am open to receive.

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