Open to love.  The healing vibration of love flows through me easily and effortlessly.  I attract love from many avenues.  I feel love.  I feel loved.  I am love.  Love is refreshing and renewing.  I am growing in love.  My heart is open and free.  I am free to be me.  I am settled in my BEing.  Love is unfathomable.  It feels good to be IN love, and love IN me.  I am calm and secure knowing I am loved and I am love.  I feel exquisite.  I feel divine.  I am vibrating beautifully.  I am in harmony with all that is.  I am settled by my awareness of love.  Love radiates from me and to me and it is healing on every level.  I feel revitalized, refreshed, renewed and fully alive.  I am experiencing life to the fullest and seeing things from loving eyes.  Yes!

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