I’m allowing myself to be calm, to be peaceful, to be still inside. I’m allowing myself to get back to the rhythm of nature and to all of life. I am allowing myself to be in sync with the vibration of planet earth. I’m allowing myself to feel the comfort and the peace out in mother nature. I feel connected to the cosmos and I can feel the vibration of the stillness of space. I’m tapping into what’s calm, what’s serene, what’s naturally growing at the right speed. I’m allowing my breath to be deep and full and lush. I am allowing myself to bring in oxygen the provides the newness of life in my body. I am in sync with the needs of my body, my mind, and my spirit. I’m allowing energy to flow beautifully through my body, like a mountain stream refreshing me and keeping me fully alive and present in my day. I’m allowing myself to enjoy moments one at a time. I’m allowing myself to take it easy and BE, and I feel good about being, and I smile a lot. I’m happy. I’m joyful. I’m blissful. I’m manifesting freedom. I feel calm. I feel calm in the present moment. And I have a deep sense of trust that all is well, and as I sit and contemplate in the stillness of time, I ascertain great ideas. I ascertain the wisdom of the ages, and I feel good about who I am. And I am allowing myself to be at peace knowing that all is well. Yes!

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