Sun-turquoiseWell-being.  I am allowing myself to experience peace.  I am allowing myself the time to renew.  I am allowing myself to be happy, and healthy, and whole.  I am allowing myself to feel the well-being that I actually have.  It is easy for me to come back to a place of calm.  It is easy for me to see how to let go of what is keeping me out of balance.  It is easy for me to calm down and be serene.  I allow myself the opportunity to go to places that make me feel good, places in the physical world or places in my mind.  More and more I am allowing myself the pleasures in life, the very simple pleasures in life and I acknowledge them when I am having them.  And that is renewing my spirit.  I feel renewed spirit every day.  I get the rest that I need.  All my physical needs are met.  I feel well supported emotionally, mentally, and physically.  I am feeling that I am taking right action at all times.  The times that I need to BE, I am allowing myself to be.  I am enjoying the moment.  I am enjoying the experiences I am having.  And I am allowing myself the freedom to move through life like the ebb and flow of tide and it feels good.  All the movements in my life are planned on some level and I feel comfortable about the fact that I have the freedom to choose what to do and what not to do.  I can stay at peace with all my choices.  I listen to my heart, I listen to my gut and I make my decisions from there knowing what’s right, what’s correct, what feels good to me.  I allow myself to say NO when NO is the appropriate word to use.  My life is unfolding beautifully.  It is easy for me to move through life in a serene, calm manner.  I am pleased with how my life is unfolding.  I am allowing myself to step back from stressful moments, let it all go, regroup, get to a place of calm and then proceed.  When chaos is all around, I can be in the eye of the storm, being centered and focused.  More and more, I am finding it easy to stay centered and focused and calm and let life go with the flow.  I get to be in present moment knowing that all is well.  Yes, I am enjoying well-being on all levels.

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