Yellow SunWhat a beautiful life I have. I am allowing myself to review what a beautiful life I have. I am heart centered. I am focused and present in my body. I am continuously renewing. I am regenerating. Every cell in my body is exquisite and operating beautifully in harmony with all the other cells, organs, and systems in my body. I have an inner glow that fills my entire energy field. People see me glowing, sparkly, glittery. I have an effervescence about me. I feel happy and joyful. I am happy and joyful. I have a very deep sense of joy. I am prosperous in all ways. I do feel happy and healthy. I am aligned with God, my source, and I love having that as my foundation. I am realizing the pure love that I am. I am allowing my heart to settle down. I am realizing more and more that I am here on the planet to be pure love. My presence is healing. My joy is healing. I am allowing pure love to flow through me. Things are shifting in beneficial ways. I am taking a stand for truth. I live in truth. I choose health and prosperity. I choose life, I choose love. I am basking in the joy of today and every day. I am grateful for the life that I have. I feel loved. I am very receptive to love. Giving and receiving love brings me joy. Yes!

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